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About BrightStar iPhones

Before you are going to place an order for the BrightStar (B.S) iPhone we have to tell you all about these options. Except for Apple selling iPhones also Foxconn is selling iPhones in the global market. And we marked the iPhone of BrightStar from Foxconn about the source difference. BrightStar is a company belonging to Apple & Softbank & Foxconn, they are selling this kind of iPhone including 7 days return, a little bit of issue from the production line ( just surface not inside hardware), and most of the stock left in the warehouse. Just in case the worker will not put it back in the box as a brand new phone is delivered to the market, you can see the iPhone with a sticker mentioning this is an "old stock" most of the production date within a year with no accessories, it just a brand new iPhone as well. The reason why BrightStar's source price is down a lot is that they don't have a warranty from Apple Official.

BrightStar source is the same production line and question check like the other iPhone in retail, we can see the date of production of BS iPhone is 1978-xx-xx via Apple GSX system, this is the most important thing how to recognize an iPhone is BrightStar.

Each quarter we have a lot of BrightStar iPhones from the source, they have different prices at the same time, if you don't mind and don't worry about the warranty after the sale it should be a good choice for those who might need to buy, also you can believe the iPhone works with you at least 2-3 year, you can take it to care like a normal option as well. The most important thing is how to use it after purchase. We can help with any issue on the iPhone ( such as a screen broken, water-damaged motherboard, or cover scratching ), our professional iPhone repair engineers will not charge too much like Apple engineers, you only need to pay for an original component part fee and delivery fee as well.

About the policy of Apple Limited Warranty from a retail store

Price is always changing, so we would suggest contacting us before an order to get more information in real-time, Coupon code: BSRESCO2024 for BrightStar.